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Terms and conditions
Each client agrees to read, understand and accept this legal agreement, as well as the Terms and Conditions under which the purchase of trading web-bots on this site is made. These terms and conditions may be periodically updated with additional terms and conditions, which will be notified to each client by e-mail notified by the client during registration.

The financial services offered on this website are suitable only for clients, who are liable for the possible loss of all invested financial assets, who are aware of the risk and have experience of risk associated with the purchase of trading bots and web bots.
Foreign exchange and commodity trade markets are extremely volatile, and it is often difficult to make accurate forecasts. Due to such instability, as well as a bias in the evaluation system in favour of the website (as described in more detail below), no strategies purchased on the website (regardless of whether the amount of the net winnings exceeds the bid or not) can guarantee a profit.
The maximum loss that a client can suffer is the amount paid by them on
The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse to provide services and/or cancel to provide services to any client for any reason, including (but not limited to):
• any case where the Company believes that the activities of a person on this website may be illegal in the region or country of residence of that person,
• any case when the authorities, regulatory authorities of the state or region of that person's residence contact the Company,
• any incident in which the Company may suffer financial, tax or legal losses as a result of activities of that person on this website,
• any restrictions for clients to purchase contracts at certain times regulated by

For the convenience of our clients, these terms and conditions are provided in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Although the translations reflect the same principles, the Company tries to provide the most accurate translation from Russian into specific languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the Russian version of the website and the terms and conditions translated in any other language, the Russian version shall prevail.
Clients can communicate with the Company via this website, by email, telegram.
More information can be found on the Contact page.
As a rule, the Company communicates with is clients through this website, by e-mail or via e-mail address indicated by the clients when creating an account. The company will communicate with the client in Russian or in another language specified by hem when creating the account.
If the client uses advanced anti-spam systems that require the Company to pay a certain fee in order to send a response or notification to the client, the Company will try to find an alternative way to contact the client without paying the specified fees.

Responsibility of the Client
The client agrees to bear full personal responsibility for the proper settlement of each transaction concluded using its account with the Company. Such transactions include any transactions concluded by family members of the client or people from its environment who have gained access to the account. The client is responsible for ensuring that only it controls access to the account and that minors do not have access to work on the website.
In any case, clients are fully responsible for all contracts purchased using their account and for any credit card transaction made using their account on the website.
Each client is also obligated to reimburse the Company for expenses and losses of any kind that the Company may incur as a result of the direct or indirect inability of the client to complete or settle such a transaction.

Client's Funds
Funds received from the clients cannot be invested in any securities, futures, currencies, derivatives and other assets on behalf of the clients.
Funds received by the Company via the website are only a payment for the rental of a trading web bot according to its price and term of use.
The client deposits the funds invested in the trading into its account with in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Rights of the Company
The Company does not tolerate any form of unacceptable behaviour. This also includes the use of profanity. In this regard, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the operation of a client account in case of unacceptable behaviour of the client.
The Company reserves the right to terminate operations on this website or in its individual sections in the following cases:
• In the case of political, economic, military or market events (including unusual market volatility and illiquidity), events related to the operation of or in other circumstances beyond the control, responsibility and control of the Company, when the continuation of the operation of this website inevitably entails causing material or other damage to clients, the Company, as well as in cases where, in the Company's opinion, the price of the contract cannot be calculated.
• In the event of a breakdown in the means of communication normally used in calculating the price or value of any financial contract, when the price or value of any financial contract cannot be quickly and accurately determined.
• In the event of an error in current prices, published winning percentage or trading software.
The Company receives access to account management from the client through API keys and does not have access to the account itself and the funds deposited into it.

The Company does not bear any responsibility to clients in case of negligence, fraud, force majeure, government or law enforcement actions, disruption, damage or destruction of computer systems, their data and records or any part thereof; delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from the non-execution or ineffective use of any means of communication, computer equipment or software. The Company is not responsible for any damage, real or perceived losses resulting from or caused by the content of this website.

Marketing and Promotion
The Company may from time to time inform clients about changes to the website, new services and promotions. If the client, nevertheless, wants to refuse such a service and does not want to receive any information of advertising content, they can either unsubscribe from the service via the link in the message or contact the support service of the Company by e-mail. If the client decides to receive the Company’s advertising mailing again, they can renew the subscription by contacting the support service.

Creating an account
The client can create an account on this website only subject to the following conditions:
• The client has fully read these legal Terms and Conditions, and also realized that he/she will rent a trading web bot within the framework of these terms and conditions.
• The client has read the Company's privacy statement and knows how the Company processes the information entrusted to it.
• The client has reached the age of 18 years (or 21 years if he/she is a resident of Estonia).
• The client has the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of financial trading to assess the benefits and risks of purchasing financial contracts through this website and are able to do this without relying on any information contained on this website.

Closing an account
The client can contact the Company to close their account. The client’s account can be closed if it does not have open trading positions, as well as if the client has passed the necessary procedure for identifying a person within the Know Your Client policy.

Rules for starting and renting a web bot
The Company reserves the right to introduce additional rules and restrictions regarding strategies for trading web bots. These rules may change from time to time according to market conditions and other factors.
At the moment, the following general rules are applied to the website: The client shall
- be registered with according to its terms and conditions.
- create a demo account and a USD account on
- create new API key for each of the accounts (Settings> Restrictions> API key).
- check all boxes in the line “Choose conditions”.
- be registered with by agreeing to these terms and conditions.
- rent the DEMO strategy for free (for limited time) on and connect it to its own demo account with
- Only after having used the demo account and convinced that you can entrust your real account to the trading web bot, you can purchase the Strategy of your choice and connect your own Real Account API Key to

Trading Margins
The Company reserves the right to set limits on risk, which affects the trading margins of all clients and may not be limited to instruments and certain types of contracts.
Information on trading volume limits can be found in the Strategies section.

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